19th International University Theatre Forum / 7-12 of May, 2017 / Vilnius, Lithuania




International University Theatre Forum in Vilnius (Lithuania) is a unique youth event of this kind organized in the Baltic countries. It summons students that are interested in theatre for interactive theatrical performances and aims to bring social and heritage questions to public attention, also giving the possibility to get to know each other, to interact and exchange experience.

Some of the most successful projects were „Vilnius – crossroad of national cultures” (2003),“Open up forgotten spaces” (2005)“Perpetuum Mobile” (2007) and others. Troupes from Spain, Belarus, Finland, Poland, France, Russia, Latvia, Sweden and Italy have been guests in our Forums.
In the 19th International University Theatre Forum (7-12 of May, 2018) several Lithuanian student theatres and guests groups from foreign countries will participate. Forum embraces performances, creative workshops and actions. We invite University Student Theaters, Professional Theater Schools and Independent Theaters as well. You are welcome to Vilnius International University Theater Forum!

The organizers cover:

  1. For the groups from outside Vilnius, main expenses for accommodation (in student hostels), meals, on-arrival/departure transfer and necessary local transportation during the Festival.
  2. For all groups, admission to the Festival performances and special cultural events.

Our deadline is 31 of December, 2017

The results of the selection will be announced after 25 of January, 2018

Email address: okesminas@yahoo.comkoturnos@gmail.com

Phone : +370652 76231, +37068374888