18th International University Theatre Forum / 8-13 of May, 2017 / Vilnius, Lithuania


On the 8-13th of May, 2017, the 18th International University Theatre Forum in Vilnius under the name “The zone of ceaseless connection“ is taking place.

University Theaters of Vilnius, Association of University Theaters and Association “Koturnos” invite creators of student theaters from Lithuania and abroad to show their new plays, share their ideas, cultural experiences and challenges. Every time the main narrative of the Forum is chosen to be different: this year student theatre focuses on libraries – the sacred vaults of books, one of the main parts of the country’s cultural heritage.

The world of books and imagination is inseparable from the world of theatre; usually it is the fundamental source of inspiration for it. Sadly, the tendency of decreasing interest in libraries and the books itself can be observed in Lithuania and the whole western world. In the earlier times, when access to information was scarce, libraries were the main sources for culture, science and information. XXI century brings us an overwhelming amounts of information.
Libraries give up their leading place to internet and other means of information. But can one cope with the restless stream of internet flow? Isn’t it only an example of use of superficial knowledge?
The year 2016 was declared the library year in Lithuania. Sadly, these initiatives are not common. Libraries need to be supported more. Libraries are not only vaults of knowledge – they can be spaces of intense cultural creation. Stating that is the main objective of this year’s Forum.