Forum 2016

International University Theater Forum: arising threats and return to the bunkers.

Recently the whole world is intensively watching big shifts in society: an increased Russian military invasion risk, Crimean Peninsula annexation, war in east Ukraine, Syrian civil war crisis and refugees flooding Europe from Asia and North Africa.

“Walls among European nations are under construction again, mandatory military service draft has been re-established in Lithuania, defense budget has increased and NATO raised number of troops deployed in Eastern Europe. Such events leave no young theater admirer unconcerned. It encourages awareness and readiness for probable changes. Therefore – XVII International University Theater Forum is called “Another Reality” to highlight and assess the arising threats and challenges” – says OlegasKesminas, director of theater troupe “Palepe” at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU).

During May 1st through 7th “Another Reality” invites audience to latest student theater plays from Lithuania and abroad. Forum organizers will also encourage viewers to participate in interactive game held through the days to discover various objects, while exploring and perceiving unique places of Vilnius city.

Week of the Forum will end with students’ performance in Antakalnis defense fortifications followed by educational field trip – play in Nemencine bunker, where guests will be taken back to the year of 1984.

“We are not attempting to imitate activities of civil defense or homeland security entities. We are going to take a fresh and creative perspective on challenges that might lie ahead and learn how to react in unfamiliar situations. Our proposed idea “What if this happens to our country?” will hopefully encourage us to understand and evaluate situations, stimulate purposeful behavior and…creativity” – explains OlegasKesminas.

This year marks the seventeenth time International University Theater Forum organizers – VGTU, VU, Association “Koturnos” and University Theater Association – together with audience will seek for answers to questions relevant to youth and general public: culture, heritage protection and social issues. Forum invites theater performers from all universities in Lithuania and international scene. This year we will be accompanied by troupes from universities in Italy, Serbia, Belarus, Spain, Switzerland and United States of America.

International University Theater Forum “Another Reality” agenda and game instructions can be found at and


Game „Simulating the situation “

Theme of the seventeenth International University Theatre Forum is “Another reality” and we invite you to take part in the game to better adopt this years’ topic. Active and creative participants will be awarded in Forum closing ceremony which will hold in Vilnius University Small Aula on 7th of May at 19:30 (participants have register to closing ceremony in advance).

This game is an experiment named “Another reality”. All tasks will be announced in our Forum Facebook profile ( on following days: Monday (the 2nd of May), Wednesday (the 4th of May) and Friday (the 6th of May).

We wish you all good luck and creativity and we hope that experience of the game will the remain the frame of the game and you will not need it in real life.

Try to imagine, that course of current history changed to other direction and we are now living in much more threatening environment than nowadays.

  1. Task no. 1 – the 2nd of May.

Imagine unexpected threats – war or natural disaster. You have to remove yourself from your current location immediately… but you have few moments to hide your “treasure”. You have to hide it somewhere in the city. It can be anything dear, interesting or precious top you which is worth calling a treasure e.g. a book, a nice trifle, a letter or anything else. Hide your treasure and give us a clue how to find it in our Facebook profile comments. Also follow other clues and it might be you will find someone else’s treasure. Let us know if you have succeeded in treasure hunting. At the end of the week we will know who is the best treasure hunter.

  1. Task no. 2 – the 4th of May.

While you were busy with hiding your treasure on Monday situation changed to more dangerous. In order to survive you have to find a safe place. On Wednesday we will announce what is this place and how to get there. You cannot use GPS, maps or anything else. Use your sixth sense, ask passers-by for directions and of course our instructions. We really want to know if you have reached safe place, so please take a picture and post it to our Facebook profile comments and provide us a story about your journey (how long it took to get there, what path did you take, who helped you and s.o.)

  1. Task no. 3 – the 6th of May

Now you are safe, your treasure is safe as well. But to your loved ones know this? Imagine that all technical means we are all used to are not possible due to “no connection” – mobile phones are out of service, no internet connection. Use the “old school” methods – send / hand a post card or a letter and it has to be now. It is your imagination what message you will send, it can be impressions about the game, Forum or Vilnius. It can be simple greeting or a love letter. Please think what you would like to tell people you love and care if “Another reality” would be in fact real. And of course, we will wait for your comments in our Facebook profile how you have reached your goal.


Game „Geocaching”

XVII International university theatre forum – „Another reality“ invites everyone to look around our city Vilnius corners and together with us play the orientation game “Geocaching in Forum”.

The objective of the game: to get familiarized with Vilnius more interesting old town places, improve your orientation skills and share your happiness after discovering the “treasure. Take a picture of yourself and share your victory with your friends on the Facebook page (

What is „Geocaching “? It’s the largest exciting “treasure hunt” in the world. The point of the game – familiarity.

How to play? Register yourself in the „Geocaching“ website  ( or download the smartphone app  „Geocaching” (Groundspeak, Inc.). Open the website or the smartphone app use the map with directions to the caches place. Each day from 2nd of May to 6th of May. On Facebook as well as during the events for participants we will give out new directions about our created treasure. Well, then go out and find them. Use navigation systems, smart apps, map or whatever you want.
After you arrive at the location, find our hidden “treasure”. Write on your finding when did you find it, who you are, read about where you are and hold your head high and feel happy, since you are the best treasure hunter in town. For the most active participants and those who had captured their findings have prizes waiting for them.